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Executives' Policy Forum

CMRE’s Education Executives’ Policy Forum is an established and influential invitation-only forum for director-level decision-makers, policy influencers, and stakeholders from across the education and skills sectors.
Our working lunches, roundtables, and dinners seek to provide space for participants to examine, discuss, and share insights, under the Chatham House Rule, on policy and research areas of relevance to the education reform agenda that impact, both directly and indirectly, on its sponsors’ interests, and the interests and objectives of CMRE.
Attendees typically include leading academics, researchers, politicians, representatives of the media, stakeholder associations and charities, regulators, school and college heads and university vice-chancellors, teaching leaders, and employers.
The purpose of these events is fourfold:
  • Through discussion and informed debate to generate and share insights into the policy area or topic under discussion.
  • To identify areas that require greater focus, attention and development, and, in particular, to identify areas where more empirical research is required to inform both policy and practice.
  • To identify areas of consensus that can help shape the development of policy and practice.
  • And to introduce and link those with shared interests.
Events are held in central London, generally hosted by a number of other think tanks with whom we partner.
A note for the record is disseminated to attendees, forum members, and CMRE Board members, academic advisers, and fellows, and to a wider list of c. 400 policymakers and influencers after the event, with recommendations for policy and future research, plans for follow-up, and suggestions for future joint action, to secure longer-term value for participants. Edited versions of these notes are posted on our blogs.
Membership is by invitation, on the basis of an annual subscription. 
For further details, please email the forum's Chair, James Croft.